It`s no secret that NFL player contracts can be quite complex. In addition to base salaries, bonuses, and incentives, most contracts include some form of guaranteed money. But what exactly does “guaranteed money” mean, and how does it impact players and teams?

Guaranteed money is essentially money that is guaranteed to be paid to a player, regardless of what happens on the field. This could include signing bonuses, guaranteed base salaries, and/or guaranteed roster bonuses. In contrast, non-guaranteed money is only paid if certain conditions are met – for example, if a player makes the final roster or meets certain performance requirements.

Guaranteed money is important for players because it provides some level of financial security. If a player is guaranteed $10 million, for example, they know they will receive that money even if they suffer a career-ending injury or are cut from the team. Non-guaranteed money, on the other hand, is always at risk – if a player doesn`t meet the necessary conditions, they may not receive the money they were expecting.

For teams, guaranteed money can also be important. By offering guaranteed money, teams can attract top talent and lock in key players for multiple seasons. However, guaranteed money also comes with risks – if a player doesn`t perform up to expectations, the team may be on the hook for a significant amount of money.

One recent example of guaranteed money causing controversy in the NFL is the case of Antonio Brown. Brown signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders in March 2019 that included $30 million in guaranteed money. However, after a series of controversies and ultimately being cut from the team, Brown only ended up receiving a little over $150,000 of that guaranteed money. The situation highlights the risks that come with offering guaranteed money to players.

Overall, guaranteed money is a key component of NFL player contracts. It provides financial security for players and allows teams to attract and retain top talent. However, it also comes with risks for both players and teams and requires careful negotiation and management. As the NFL continues to evolve and player contracts become even more complex, understanding guaranteed money will be essential for players, teams, and fans alike.